We help brands enhance customer loyalty, engagement and revenue.

Customers are constantly bombarded by brands competing for their attention. How will you stand out from the crowd?

Complex Labs helps you build a closer relationship with your customers by utilizing Web3.


Complex Labs onboards your existing customers to Web3. We abstract away the scary stuff (wallets) with a more native Web2 experience.


Create unique touchpoints and engage your customers in new ways all from one dashboard.


Drive brand loyalty by providing ongoing utility and value to your customers. Use our analytics to identify winning ideas quickly.


Build and manage campaigns to create new revenue opportunities with digital versions of physical goods (Digital Twins), tickets and Collectables.

Case Studies

Our case studies let you drive new streams of revenue and easily manage value added utility for your Web3 initiatives.

A digital twin is a digital version of a physical good. Complex enables brands to issue digital versions of physical goods in multiple ways.

  • Retroactive Sale - Engage customers who have previously purchased a physical item and offer them the opportunity to purchase it’s digital counterpart.
  • Checkout Sale – Offer your customers the opportunity to upgrade to a premium version of your product that includes it’s digital twin.
  • Promotional – Use digital twins as a method to engage customers in a new way, offer promotions or run loyalty programs.

The Complex Labs platform easily manages and executes all of the use cases above, and provides analytics around the success of your campaign. Enabling you to make more informed decisions.


Why would someone buy a digital twin?

  • Digital twins can be used in the Metaverse or as social proof. Brands may choose to offer additional utility to holders of the digital twin NFTs in the form of access to events, chats, content, drop and more.

How do I provide additional utility to digital twin NFT holders?

  • Complex Labs easily allows you to attach utility to your NFTs. Currently, our platform supports gated chat, video, content, events and the ability to issue drops. We can also build custom integrations specific to your use case.

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