Empowering Data Driven
Experimentation in Web3.

Experiment quickly, scale fast with Complex Labs.

The Complex Labs Operating System enables brands to build their own Web3 vision.

A modular software stack that enables integrations to your existing data, the ability to collect new Web3 data, and the ability to actionably use this data.

Data Integrations

Create dynamic data integrations to easily bring your existing customer data to Web3.

External Integrations (Blocks)

Leverage Complex Labs’ external integrations to conduct experiments and validate use cases in Web3.

Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs)

Automate the issuance and minting of SBTs to create a more immersive and dynamic Web3 experience for your customers.

Get Creative!

Complex’s modular infrastructure and robust SDKs allow you to conduct incredible experimentation, measure results and scale quickly.

Create more personal and immersive experiences in Web3.

Complex Labs has created the infrastructure for brands to onboard their existing customer data securely to Web3. By leveraging existing data, brands can retroactively issue SBTs to their customer base and quickly conduct meaningful experiments.

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Our Dedicated Team

Scott Mandel

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Jack

Chief Information Officer

Ryan Turner

Chief Technology Officer

Fernando Torres

Head Of Product

Conduct meaningful Web3 experiments quicker and scale faster with Complex Labs.